Business Plans


Your business plan is the backbone of your business.

Whether you are expanding or recasting a business plan, CaseBauer provides consulting and conceptual analysis for your new business venture.

CaseBauer has over a decade of experience reading and evaluating business plans for investors and in helping new business ventures and start-up companies.

We provide both turnkey or facilitation planning services.

A typical business plan would encompass the following components:

  • Executive Summary

  • The Company
    • Current Status
    • Objectives, Near-term
    • Objective, Long-term
    • The Management Team
    • Management Objectives

  • Markets and Competition
    • The Present Market
    • User Benefit
    • Other customer Benefits
    • Market, Near-Term
    • Market, Long-Term
    • Summary of the Projected Market
    • Competition
    • Projected Sales and Market Share
    • Specific Target Markets
    • Sales Strategy to Reach Objectives

  • The Products
    • Theory of Operation
    • Applications
    • Product Economics and Advantages
    • Present Product Status
    • Scale-Up Requirements (if any)
    • Patents and Proprietary Know-How
  • Selling
    • Current Selling Method(s)
    • Selling Method(s), Near-Term
    • Selling Method(s), Long-Term
    • In-House Sales support
    • Pre-Contract Sales Costs (if any)
    • Custom Engineering Sales Requirements (if any)
    • Product Pricing and Warranties

  • Manufacturing
    • Facilities Needed
    • Make/Buy Considerations
    • Major Purchasing Issues (if any)
    • Second, Third Sourcing Needs
    • Manufacturing Engineering Support
    • Quality Control Plans
    • Staffing Requirements

  • Financial Data
    • Financial History
    • Expansion Requirements, Budgets
    • Financial Projections
    • Summary of Operations Prior to Financing
    • Current Stockholders, Number of Share

  • Investment
    • Use of Proceeds
    • Description of the Offering
    • Appendices
    • Management Team Biographies
    • Other Important Data
CaseBauer practices in five areas:
Market Modeling, Strategy/Business Development, Benchmarking, Market Research and Business Services.

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