Our Market Research methods were developed to supply data driven CaseBauer client services such as market simulation models, price sensitivity analyses, and product design tools. The practice was expanded in 1999 to provide stand alone market research studies using the methods and standards developed for our market simulation models.

market researchOur research capability extends to 16 countries in North America and Europe. We serve 8 native languages. We have the capacity to survey up to 3,000 participants in a study.

Our practice mix includes high level expert studies (e.g; health ministers, politicians), technical studies (e.g; human factors, best practices, pricing audits, market segmentation), longitudinal surveys (e.g; customer satisfaction) and opinion surveys (e.g; awareness, image analysis, marketing campaign testing).

Our research venues include:

  • One-on-One Interviews
  • Interactive Surveys
  • Dyad Groups
  • Focus Groups
  • Global Focus Groups
  • Phone Surveys
  • Internet Surveys
  • Mail / Fax Surveys
  • AACC Meeting Survey / Audit

Our method capabilities include discrete choice modeling, conjoint analysis, discriminant analysis, regression analysis, cluster analysis, Bayesian analysis, factor analysis, multidimensional scaling, and perceptual mapping.

CaseBauer has 5 practices:
Market Modeling, Strategy/Business Development, Benchmarking, Market Research and Business Services.

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