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CaseBauer's business foundation service is a resource designed specifically for new ventures and start-up companies. Avoid the miscues and failures that result from 1) making critical decisions and commitments based on anecdotal or "free/second hand" data; 2) not having the information you need in a timely to support predictable and critical decision points; and 3) over spending early on and not having the resources to support the continuing needs of the business.

Ours is a "no-nonsense" approach whereby we chart your information needs over a 1-4 year period and provide you with a serial plan to minimize your information investment and serve your most critical needs effectively and timely.

Our programs are targeted to:

  • source the market feedback necessary to build successful products and develop a strategically sound business model;
  • attracting top notch talent to the company;
  • validating the business or product concepts for investors, both current and prospective; and
  • courting strategic partners at a peer level.

Activities are gated to your development and financing milestones.

CaseBauer practices in five areas:
Market Modeling, Strategy/Business Development, Benchmarking, Market Research and Business Services.

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