Corporate Benchmarking


Corporate benchmarking is a strategic comparison of companies' business performance, such as profitability, time to market, sales efficiency, R&D investment, etc.

A typical corporate benchmark would include:

  • history and background of each company;
  • operating performance to include profit and loss statement detailing sales, manufacturing costs, margins, R&D expenditures, sales/marketing , service, SGA, income (before taxes);
  • organizational structure to include an outline of the management, business unit, and sales/service structure;
  • product portfolios to include product mix, market shares, competitive position;
  • research and development to include pipeline, core competencies and limitations; equities, licensing and partnerships; and
  • corporate strategic intent and strategy implementation skills with future outlook.

Note: Corporate benchmarking is not available on CaseBauer client companies.

CaseBauer practices in five areas:
Market Modeling, Strategy/Business Development, Benchmarking, Market Research and Business Services.

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