Product or Service Benchmarking


Product or Service Benchmarking studies are detailed product feature and benefit comparisons undertaken to assess the relative competitive strengths and weaknesses of participants in a particular product/service area.

These studies can be structured as an audit, experiential review, or challenge study.

In constructing an audit, our analysts review published articles, manufacturer literature and package inserts, follow-up with manufacturers' technical service departments, and conduct field interviews with end-users, as required.

Experiential reviews would expand upon this analysis to include performance in the field. A common example would be a comparison of the hands-on time required to perform testing on competitive systems (time motion study).

A challenge study would assess performance against a defined protocol, such as a challenge panel or proficiency analysis.

Once established, these comparisons can be updated periodically on either a comprehensive (all products) or selected basis (specific product), as required.

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