Robert Bauer is a senior consultant and the general partner of the firm. He oversees the firms strategy/business development, and market modeling practices. He pioneered the development of the firms modeling tools and methods.

15 years of Medical Device consulting with CaseBauer and Boston Biomedical Consultants;

14 years operating experience with Abbott Laboratories, Becton Dickinson International, and Sorin; General Management, Research and Development, Business Planning, and Marketing;

Past President of the Biomedical Marketing Association; Advisor for 6years;

Editorial Board of IVD Technology and Diagnostic Insight;

Masters in Business Administration, the Wharton School of Business, with an undergraduate degree in biochemistry.

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Michael Laposata, M.D., Ph.D. is a senior laboratory consultant to the firms strategy/business development practice. He specializes in assessing the application of new methods and technologies in the laboratory. He is also a world recognized expert in hemostasis.

Director of Clinical Laboratories and Chief of the Division of Laboratory Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts since 1998;

Professor of Pathology at the Harvard Medical School since 1999;

Scholar, Harvard Academy of Scholars since 2002;

M.D. , Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine;

Ph.D. in biochemistry, cellular, and molecular biology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and an undergraduate degree in biology.

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Robert Kisabeth, M.D. is a senior medical consultant to the firms Strategy/Business Development practice. He specializes in assessing the medical utility and value of methods, practices, and technologies.

Medical Director of the Mayo Medical Laboratories at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota since 1991;

Pathologist, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota from 1989 to 1991;

Pathologist with the Duckworth Pathology Group in Memphis, Tennessee from 1980 to 1989;

Fellow - Inspector with the College of American Pathologists;

M.D., University of Tennessee Medical School and an undergraduate degree in physics.

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Lawrence Worden is a senior consultant with primary responsibility for the market research and benchmarking practices where he oversees the design and implementation of all CaseBauer projects.

10 years of Medical Device consulting with CaseBauer ;

11 years in marketing research; the Health Industry Manufacturers Association (now ADVAMED), Luning Prak Associates, and IMS Health/Dun & Bradstreet;

5 years operating experience with Becton Dickinson Corporate, the Health Industry Manufacturers Association (now ADVAMED), Becton Dickinson Microbiology System;

Biomedical industry liaison to the College of American Pathologists' Workload Recording Committee from 1986 to 1991;

Masters in Business Administration, University of Maine and an undergraduate degree in Political Science.

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Mark Peterson, Ph.D. is a senior consultant for the market modeling and market research practices. He specializes in the application of statistical methods to marketing issues and helped pioneer the development of CaseBauer's proprietary modeling tools for the IVD and Devices industry.

Visiting Professor for International Marketing at the Southern Methodist University Cox Business School;

Associate Professor of Marketing in the Master in Marketing Research Program at the University of Texas at Arlington since 1996;

Policy Board Member and Ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of Macromarketing;

Methods consultant for SDR Inc. in Atlanta Georgia from 1994 to 1996;

Ph.D. in marketing and a Masters in Management, Georgia Institute of Technology and an undergraduate degree in English literature.

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May Li, Ph.D. is an analyst for the strategy/business development practice.

13 years in human genetics and laboratory medicine with Yale University School of Medicine, Gene Trak Systems and Sanofi Pasteur Diagnostics;

National Science Foundation Fellow in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Rochester;

Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Columbia University

Master of Arts and a Master of Philosophy in Biological Sciences

BS in biology from Cornell

David Ramroth is an analyst for the market research, practice.

20 years in research and marketing of new diagnostic products; prepared technical sections for over a hundred regulatory submissions to Food and Drug Administration;

Member of the American Medical Writers Association, Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society and the Drug Information Association;

Masters degree in Genetics and an undergraduate degree in biology

Nils Effertz is an analyst for the strategy/business development and business service practices.

Diplomkaufmann in Business Administration (Masters Degree), at the University of Cologne, Germany;

MBA in finance from Hawaii Pacific University.;

Speaks three languages fluently (German, English,and French);

Warner de Gooijer is an analyst for the benchmarking and business service practices.

MBA, International Business, Northern Arizona University;

BS- International Management, University of Professional Education (Haarlem, Netherlands);

Speaks three languages fluently (German, English, and Dutch).

Research Analysts

Noreen Ellis [US, UK]
David Owen [Italy]
Gianna Gargan [Italy]
Gerda Stendell [US, Germany]
Katri Laurimaa [US, Germany]

Research Analysts

Hanna Wetshy [France]
Alicia Durand [Spain]


Judy Cottam
Mark Lyons


Winfred Morbe
Glauco Somenzi


Kirsten Grupe
Rachael Achebodt


Danecka Norris


Goizueta Business School (Emory University)
University of Texas
Sawtooth Software


American Association of Clinical Chemists


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