Corporate Strategic Profiling


A Corporate Strategic Profile is an externally generated prospectus on a company or division for the purpose of assessing the strength/veracity of the organization, its core competencies and tendencies.

Corporate strategic profiles are useful for a broad range of purposes such as:

  • preliminary assessment of acquisitions candidates, or acquirers;
  • preliminary assessment of strategic partners for product, service, sales, technology collaborations;
  • pre-negotiation briefs; and
  • assessing likely competitive responses to your intended actions.

A typical corporate profile includes:

  • history and background of the company;
  • operating performance to include profit and loss statement detailing sales, manufacturing costs, margins, R&D expenditures, sales/marketing , service, SGA, income(before taxes);
  • organizational structure to include an outline of he management, business unit, and sales/service structure;
  • product portfolio to include product mix, market shares, competitive position;

  • Research and development to include pipeline, core competencies and limitations; equities, licensing and partnerships; and future outlook.

Note: Corporate profiles are not available on CaseBauer client companies.

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